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Michael L. St. Hill was born in Castries Saint Lucia on September 19th 1957. His father was the island’s Chief Engineer at the time and went on to be a Town Planner in Lagos and then Chief Town Planner of Barbados.

Michael began his university education at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies in Barbados where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He then went to the University of Toronto where he graduated in 1986 with his Bachelor of Architecture.

Beginning in 1980, during his architecture education in Canada, Michael apprenticed in the offices of Robertson Ward and Associates Ltd (RWA) in Barbados in the summers. RWA was the leading architectural firm in Barbados at the time and one of the foremost practices in the Caribbean, undertaking many tourism and institutional projects of prime importance.

Architectural Practice – Barbados

After graduation Michael joined RWA and worked on many important projects. His most significant assignment was Project Architect on the new campus of the Barbados Community College at Morningside.

Architectural Practice – Toronto, Canada

Michael moved back to Toronto in 1989 in order to broaden his experience and deepen his knowledge. There he entered the practice of the Zeidler Roberts Partnership Ltd (ZRP). ZRP, then and now, is one of the leading international architecture practices in Canada. Michael gained great experience on a number of important and prestigious projects: primarily the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital on University Avenue. Other projects that he worked on include the Ottawa Civic Hospital/Loeb Medical Research Institute, the Coen Pavilion of the Kravis Centre in Florida and the Commerce Court Redevelopment in downtown Toronto.

Architectural Practice – Saint Lucia

In 1993 Michael moved back to the Caribbean and to his native Saint Lucia. For a couple of years he worked in local and regional practices Tomlin Voss Associates Ltd (TVA) and Newel Lewis Broadbridge Associates WI Ltd (NLBA) before he started his own office, Tropical Architecture Group (St. Lucia) Ltd, in 1997. The practice was set up in parallel with Tropical Architecture Group Ltd in Barbados and there was sharing of resources with Michael working on a number of projects in Barbados.

The history of the office has been one of involvement in a succession of significant and high profile building projects in education, the tourism industry and commerce culminating in the construction contract administration of the National Hospital of St. Lucia which was undertaken in association with Sir Frederick Snow and Partners Ltd of the UK from 2008. 

In 2012 Mr. St. Hill changed the name of his practice to Michael L. St. Hill Architects and Planners Ltd.

Mr. St. Hill is a member of the St. Lucia Institute of Architects (SLIA) and of the Barbados Institute of Architects (BIA).

His experience in institutional buildings includes work on schools and hospitals in the Caribbean.

His experience in the housing and tourism sector is also extensive. It includes project implementation and architectural design work on the Barbados Small Hotels Scheme. A project financed by the Government of Barbados that comprised new building and remodeling small to medium sized hotel properties throughout the island in preparation for the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

Health Care experience includes Deputy Team Leadership in charge of Architecture and the local Consultants team on Saint Lucia’s New National Hospital currently under construction and due to be completed in 2013.

His tasks in the projects have included: Architectural planning and design (master planning, programming, architectural design, functional and interior design, working drawings) management and supervision of architectural teams, and coordination of architectural issues with the other consultants/disciplines, and Project Administration.

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