Michael St. Hill Architects and Planners Limited builds on an excellent foundation of architectural and planning expertise, executing projects of any size and complexity by drawing on extensive associations in relevant disciplines to form flexible and adaptable design and construction management teams.

Vision and Mission Statement

Through design, Michael L. St. Hill Architects and Planners Ltd. seeks the poetry of Architecture in the rhythmic wedding of materials making and remaking the world.

We deliver the latest in technical knowledge and Design and Planning principles available in the region and necessary to the particular projects. This is achieved through the maintenance and leadership of networks of multi-disciplinary experts deployed in tailored teams.


Michael L. St. Hill founded the architectural offices of Tropical Architecture Group (St. Lucia) Limited late in 1996. A Caribbean identity was the goal from the outset, as it was joined in partnership with the offices of the Tropical Architecture Group (TAG) in Barbados. The history of the office has been one of involvement in a succession of significant and high profile building projects in education, the tourism industry and commerce culminating in the construction contract administration of the National Hospital of St. Lucia which was undertaken in association with Sir Frederick Snow and Partners Ltd of the UK from 2008. In 2012 Mr. St. Hill changed the name of his practice to Michael L. St. Hill Architects and Planners Ltd.

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